2-6 Forks, Washington

Edward returned to Forks after only two days. He ignored Isabella for a month.

Then he stopped a speeding car in the high school parking lot. He said it was because if her blood spilled, we’d all be in trouble.

I knew better.

Rosalie drove us to the hospital, which looks less like a hospital and more like a long shed. Inside it still smelled the same though—iodine and antiseptic, and if you focus on those smells, you can get through the blood part.

Edward was just coming out of Carlisle’s office when we got there.

“I don’t want to hear about it, Freak,” was all he said.

Jasper voted to kill her to keep our secret. When I explained who Bella was to Edward, he recanted, but it didn’t make me less upset.

Carlisle voted that she’d stay alive. So she did.

None of us understood the mess we’d gotten ourselves into.

Edward, least of all.


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