Notes on “Always”

November 1st, 2020 § 2 comments

So, hi. I can’t get this AU to leave me alone. I wrote this vignette for myself because I’m fascinated by the mundane. Forget the complications of immortality; sometimes conflict is just about two men trying to feel their way through raising a daughter. So once my brain asked about this moment, I found I couldn’t shake my curiosity until I wrote it down. I actually pounded out the bulk of this almost a year ago in about an hour, but then it took me another year to get the 250 words or so which were needed to end it well. I’m sharing it because, well, why not. Consider this me thinking out loud. Realizing that I gave both the first two works in this AU world titles which have to do with the passage of time, I’ve decided to call the series Kairos, drawing on the Christian theological definition — a time period that is simultaneously “now” and “forever.” The title of this particular piece came to me as a delightful double-entendre. And yeah, I might think more out loud in this world in the future, and in fact, I fully intend to add a chapter to Ordinary Time this week, no matter what happens on Tuesday. Enjoy the (short) read.


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  • Nathalya says:

    Hello, I almost died of tears reading Itaca and I would like to know if one day you intend to create a story from Carlisle Cullen’s point of view of edward’s rebellion, I think it was such a sad period for him but of so much learning especially with Esme. I love how you portray their father-son relationship. I leave a kiss here where I live Brazi

    • giselle says:

      Proooobably not? But I never say never to a good prompt. Da Capo, while from EPOV, covers a lot of that ground, and the person with real stakes in that story is Edward, not Carlisle. But maybe one day!

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