Twilight Shorts

One of the beauties of fan fiction, in my opinion, is that it opens the door for writers to work easily in a short fiction format. Short stories are the studying writer’s bread and butter; these are the pieces you take to workshop and sit uncomfortably while your peers give it their hardest scrutiny. I am primarily a novelist–I usually conceive of story ideas in a long arc that will unfold itself across tens of thousands of words. But I enjoy the task of crafting a short piece. The two are different endeavors, and stretch different writing muscles. As such, I’ve written several short pieces for the Twilight fandom. I hope you enjoy them.

(Fics listed in reverse order of publication)

Always (c. 1900 words)

Renesmee wakes up in the middle of the night. Part of Kairos, an Edward/Carlisle Breaking Dawn AU.

Ordinary Time (c. 5000 words)

One growing hybrid. Two immortal widowers. Three historic days. Part of Kairos, an Edward/Carlisle Breaking Dawn AU. 

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Vampire (c. 15,000 words)

A series of short jaunts into the minds of those who know him best.

Strange Fruit (c. 1,500 words)

“Humility helped him see himself better, and the helplessness reminded him that evil lurked in all of them. That it was never a choice of eradicating that evil completely, but merely a choice of tempering it. ”

24601 (c. 2,000 words)

“The thing that Edward can’t admit is that you don’t let go of who you are.” One-shot, canon, first-place winner of the The Canon Tour New Moon Round.

The Verities We Knew (c. 1,000 words)

She never believed in Santa, but she did believe in us. And we came through every time.

Until the day we couldn’t.

Eclipse AU, 10 years on. Written for the ADF Christmas fic challenge.

Seventeen (1,000 words)

Edward wanted her to stay human. He’d simply had no idea what that meant. Eclipse AU, 10 years on. Written for the ADF Labor Day Fic challenge.

For a Season (c. 8,000 words)

They both think they’ve lost everything. But some things, it turns out, are never taken away. Part of Kairos, an Edward/Carlisle Breaking Dawn AU.

First place judge’s vote and second place popular vote winner for the CarlWard slash contest, March 2010.

A Very Different Gift (c. 3300 words)

Being in the Volturi Guard is taxing for Edward. But as it turns out, there are those in the coven who are attuned to Edward’s needs. Pre-Twilight AU.

Written for mothlights for Make the Yuletwi’d Gay, 2010. Contains gay themes.

Souls in Stillness (c. 1200 words)

On Christmas Eve, 1917, three hearts wait in stillness–for change, for love, for one another.

Secondhand Rose (c. 2500 words)

Emmett reflects on what it means to spend eternity loving a woman burdened by her past. Canon.

3rd place winner in the Me and Mr. Mc Carty One-Shot Contest.

Marlboro Red (c. 5800 words)

The Christmas after Sam’s imprint, Leah Clearwater is looking for any way out of the life she’s now stuck in. But a part-time job and an unexpected holiday carpool give her new reason to stay. One-shot, canon, non-canon “pairing.”

Written for the Winter 2010 Twilight Gift Exchange, based on prompts given by Krum Cake.

Canon Backfire Series

A series of short-short humor stories in the canon Twilight universe.

Sensitivity to Initial Conditions (c. 6400 words)

Sensitivity to initial conditions (chaos theory): “An arbitrarily small perturbation of the current trajectory may lead to significantly different future behavior.”

In 1918, a dying woman made a desperate request of a vampire. Nine decades later, the world is not the same for his decision.

Pre-Twilight AU.  NO canon pairings. One-shot. Contains a graphic description of sex.

The Family Cullen (c. 3700 words)

Written to coincide with the US release of the Twilight DVD, a short story to place one piece of the movie canon back into the written story of our favorite family:

It’s the Cullens’ first Christmas in Forks, and Carlisle surprises his family with the gift of some very unique jewelry. Later, he and Edward have a quiet talk about what the future holds.

A tender one-shot in Carlisle’s voice. Merges and adheres to movie and book canon.

Form 1040 (c. 3800 words)

Because when you’re immortal, the only certainty is taxes…

Carlisle has a moment alone with his granddaughter while getting some home office work taken care of. Takes place 7 months post-BD (in April, of course…)

A long one-shot; Carlisle’s POV

The Talk (c. 3000 words)

“I spoke to Carlisle after you and I made our bargain, hoping he could help me.” –Edward, Breaking Dawn.

What really happened when Edward talked to Carlisle about his deal with Bella?

Edward POV, all canon.

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