My flair for the overdramatic, my family had always called it.

Even I had to agree that this was a bit excessive. Why I hadn’t just walked out from my enemies’ chambers and directly into the square, I couldn’t say. A part of me knew that if I moved at high noon, the hooded demons would strike just that much faster—delivering me, finally, from six months of agony. But truthfully there was some other force pulling at me. Urging me to wait here in the shadows for the right moment.
The mob on the square was too absorbed in its revelry to notice a man standing alone in the shadows. But I doubted that even a single one of them would fail to notice once I was no longer in the shade. What would they think? Humans—they rarely suspected danger when it presented itself; they might think I was some sort of apparition. I hoped that I would be left alone; I wanted the Volturi guard to have as unfettered access to my body as they could. The faster they took me down, the sooner this would all be over.

Would I see her? That was the only thing that worried me. If my father’s estimate was sound, then the answer was yes. If I was right instead—well, could there be anything worse than the hell I was already in? There was no world for me without her. The only thing left tying me to my own existence was hers, no matter how many thousands of miles away she lived it out. Now that was gone. There was nothing to hold me here.

“I love you, Bella,” I whispered.

Above me the clock began to toll.


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  • RobinVanDam says:

    I found you on Wattpad, like so many others, I’m sure. I just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for your stories. Especially this one. New Moon is my favorite book from “The Twilight Saga” by Stephanie Meyers. I can not read or watch the original story without sobbing uncontrollably with empathy throughout the whole thing (literally!). It’s embarrasing! Now you have given me a gift that I do not know how to repay, only to say “Thank You”. I have already read this story once and now I begin again as I am in awe of your talents and in love with your works. And also, thank you for putting this in PDF format because I can download it to my kindle. I hope you do that with all your stories. Your view of the Cullens side of “New Moon” is absolutely as I had imagined it would have been. The parallel of pain and anguish for all parties envolved is portrayed impeccably. I could only hope that Stephanie Meyers has read some of your “Writings”, if not all, and is proud of your inspirations and unique ability to communicate and transform us all. You are inspiring, not just your work. I have explored your web site and read your feeds and “rants” and appreciate every word you have written and the reasons behind it. I can not praise you enough, I can not thank you enough, for you live by my philosophy:

    “Life…you never know where it will take you. With so many forks in the road along the journey, one can only hope that the path they choose, along the way and in the end, will leave an indeligible imprint of love, kindness, compassion, hope, understanding, forgiveness and grace on the lives we touch, no matter how fleeting. There is so much tragedy, dispair, hopelessness and hate in the world that plagues our very existence like a virus that can be cured by each and every one of us through our hearts and souls…if we just try. Never think that your own actions, no matter how trite, can not or does not influence and change those around you. EVERY THING we do, has a consequence, effects a change and creates ripple effects that help us choose and those around us choose, the path in which we travel. The soul is the core essence of us, our conscience, our will, whether it is filled with love or hate, hope or despair, kindness or calousness, compassion or pitilessness, grace or unmercilful, forgivness or unforgiving, understanding or unsympathic, these are the choices we must make regardless, yes, regardless of the events in our lives and the actions of others, in order to smoothe the ripples in our paths and steady our focus for the betterment of our lives and those we encounter. Tread softly, speak softly, be kind, forgiving, understanding, compassionate, hopeful, graceful and loving to all in your path and you will be happy. As am I. No one said, “LIFE IS EASY”!”

    Thank you for everything, thank you for this.

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