Canon Fodder Challenge Winners

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Many, many, many thanks to all who participated in the Canon Fodder Challenge. Thank you to all who helped judge, including Ruby Wednesday, Elise Shaw, Scarlett71177, Justine Lark, Hoosier Mama, and TrainLindz. The winning stories, and all the other excellent entries, can be found at the contest page.

I’m still digging out from exams, which will be finished on Friday, 5/14. After that, expect to hear from me with a little article about the contest itself; why it was fun, what fics were my favorites, and why it’s restored my faith in fandom.

Rookie Category:

First Place: “Souls to Waste” by Kyrene once Blood Roses
Second Place: “The World According to Kate” by bonnysammy
Third Place: “Quiet Earthquake” by justaskalice
“Post Proelia Praemia” by fantasmeqrt
“One Night in Forks” by kittandchips
“Gifted” by la.tua.cantante.83

Veteran Category:

First Place: “Radiant Possibility” by Scarlett71177
Second Place: “We Who Are Left Behind” by Openhome
Third Place: “Rosalie’s Revenge” by javamomma0921

Judges’ Picks:

Rookie Category:
“Two Blushing Pilgrims” by carbrain

Veteran Category:
Close Your Eyes, Close Your Eyes and Relax” by lts29
“A Life Eternal” by CorinnaTFF
“Madonna and Child” by kimmydonn

New Signup Page

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I’ve added a new feature to my site–the “Get Update Alerts” page. I wanted something very robust, so that everyone could decide exactly how much or how little or on which topics they wanted to hear from me. Thankfully, I found just the solution. All of you who are already members of the site have been added automatically to the alerts, but please feel free to adjust your settings or to unsubscribe completely if you wish. If you click on the link in any update e-mail you receive, you’ll be able to opt-in to notifications by topic. Only want to hear about “Da Capo?” Only want teasers? Just go for those categories.

I hope this enhances your experience of my new site. Thank you for visiting!

Eddies, Bellies, Indies

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A short reminder to all who read here that the deadline for voting in the Bellies and Eddies is TONIGHT at 9PM Eastern. Make sure your votes are in!

Also, the Indies end on Tuesday, March 2. Don’t forget to vote there, either.

Please go cast votes for the fics you love! The more people participate in these awards, the more meaningful they are to the authors who are awarded.

Twilight Gift Exchange

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As many of you know, I participated in the winter Twilight Gift Exchange. I wrote a fic based on the prompts given to me by another author (which may or may not mean it’s different from the things I usually write!). The fics will be revealed on Monday, but before then, if you’d like to try your hand at guessing which fic is mine, head over to for their “Name that Author” challenge. Or, alternatively, feel free to post your guesses here. Have fun!

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