Sempiternam Requiem: Notes to Stregoni Benefici, Chapter 26.

December 15th, 2012 § 0 comments

(I posted this to my tumblr last night, but I think it bears repeating as the notes to this chapter.)

I always find myself amused by what I feel the urge to listen to while I’m editing or writing a particular chapter or scene. I don’t have a set “soundtrack” to anything, and  one gift I always ask for are iTunes gift cards so that I always have a balance ready to purchase exactly the song I want for any particular moment of writing.

When I sat down to edit chapter 26,  I knew I needed to listen to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s setting of “Pie Jesu.” sung by a boy soprano. It’s a beautiful piece, and something told me this was the piece for this chapter. So I dug around on iTunes until I found a setting I liked, and then put it on one-song repeat.

I had never in my life looked up the meaning of the Latin in this piece, until the moment when I knew *this* was the song I needed to hear as I worked on this chapter. I just knew that I liked it, and that I needed it to do these edits.

This is the translation:

Lord Jesus
Who takes on the sins of the world
Give them rest

Lamb of God
Who takes on the sins of the world
Give them rest
Everlasting rest

Call me a crazy author, but I think the urge to listen to that was Carlisle. Telling me exactly what he wanted to say to Edward in his turning.

(It was also eerily appropriate given the tragedy in Connecticut yesterday, and these words certainly apply there, as well.)

I posted this one without sending it to my beta to stay on track with getting SB up in December, but she is never undeserving of my thanks. Openhome sits on my shoulder even when I’m self-editing, going, “You’ve already said that three times, move along.”

Happy reading.


Pie Jesu:

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