“Still a patriot, I see”: Notes on Stregoni Benefici, Chapter 24

November 1st, 2012 § 0 comments

One of the most fun things for me to consider as a fanfic writer is who exerts the most influence on the characters, especially given that I don’t get to decide who those people are. The cast is set, and I can see the result of who these people become, but can only guess at exactly how they got there.

In Breaking Dawn, pg. 719, Aro comments to Garrett,

“A very pretty speech, my revolutionary friend.”
Garrett remained poised for attack. “Revolutionary?” he growled. “Who am I revolting against, might I ask? Are you my king? Do you wish me to call you master, too, like your sycophantic guard?”
“Peace, Garrett,” Aro said tolerantly. “I meant only to refer to your time of birth. Still a patriot, I see.”

What happens to Carlisle when he encounters a patriot? He is steadfast beyond steadfastness; at times to his detriment. Unwilling to push the ball forward if it means disharmony. Yet the very purpose of someone like Garrett is to challenge the existing system; to upset the balance in a way that shakes loose order to create new order.

Thus it is that when Carlisle is stalled, caught between his desire for loyalty, peace, and harmony, that it requires someone who is willing to create a ruckus to break him free of his own bonds.

And so, amidst the insanity of July 14, 1789, we find two patriots, not one.


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