Notes on Stregoni Benefici, Chapter 22

September 27th, 2012 § 0 comments

When I first envisioned Stregoni, even though the prologue was from William’s POV, I envisioned writing the entire book from Carlisle’s perspective. But as I truly turned the idea over in my head, I realized that it was important to see him through the eyes of the people around him; that to give him the proper foils in each of these time periods allows me to show him more fully.

William has always been tricky, however. For Carlisle learned to be a father somewhere, and it wasn’t merely by doing the exact opposite of what he saw growing up. Somewhere, someone did care about him, even if it was in the most twisted way possible.

Some folks have asked how close we are to the end, which is something I never feel bad about spoiling, because were this a real book, you would be able to tell how close you are. Chapter 22 is the seventh to last—there are two more chapters in each timeline, and then an epilogue (which, if you’ve read Ithaca is Gorges, may very well be a scene you recognize—just retold and enriched.)

Thank you for following the story this far, and I hope you enjoy its conclusion.

As always, many thanks to Openhome; the chapter, no matter how well executed in draft, always gets richer when I revise on her comments.



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