Notes on “Self-Destruction”

December 30th, 2011 § 0 comments

WARNING: This note and the fic itself contain spoilers for the Hunger Games trilogy, particularly Mockingjay.

So it seemed everyone in Twidom read The Hunger Games, and the whole world was waiting for Mockingjay, the third in the series. They looked good, both in terms of their content and as physical books—the jackets that Scholastic put on the hardcovers still, to this day, make me want to buy all three every time I see them on display (which is often—I think we’ve had them on some sort of promo display at work almost every month this year). I find myself constantly remembering that I already bought the boxed set last August.

I waited until Mockingjay came out and read them all. They were addictive, and quick, much like Twilight. But like many, I wasn’t terribly happy with how they resolved. I was eager to write fic for it, especially for my favorite character, Cinna (I fell in love with the character who was the father figure…I bet you didn’t see that coming.)But I have, at last count, four long-ish Twifics in progress and felt guilty about writing in a different fandom.

ADF seems to be the source of a lot of my new one-shots these days, and this one is no exception. A fic prompt meme on 12/29 got me thinking about a critical moment in the series which I thought went less than well, which was Katniss’s decision to go back on her word about not having children. In canon, I thought Collins rushed that revelation by jumping straight to the epilogue. So when someone asked for a fic chronicling Katniss’s choice, I jumped at the chance to spend some time exploring that, without losing the acerbic, straight-shooting character who was in the other two books.

I knew I’d gotten it right when the prompter said, “I love this because I want to smack this Katniss in the face.” And perhaps that wouldn’t be seen as a compliment by most, but it was exactly what I was going for.

So, here it is: my first foray into Hunger Games fanfiction, prompted by and written for neuroticris. Happy Reading!

(And yes, for you patient people I hope to update SB just after the New Year. Thank you for sticking with me on it.)


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