Stregoni Ch. 9 Notes

June 25th, 2011 § 1 comment

Carlisle doesn’t hunt humans, and he’s gentle, kind, and humane——pretty much the polar opposite of the brothers in Volterra. So why did it take so long for his time with the brothers to fall apart? Obviously, there had to have been something which drew him.

One of the most interesting challenges for me as I write this piece is striking the right balance between grappling with Carlisle’s decision to leave Volterra, and yet the oddly benevolent feelings he has toward the brothers, at least until the end of Breaking Dawn. Although there’s certainly love lost between them, the Volturi remain men whom Carlisle respects even two centuries later. In Twilight, Edward says that Carlisle found the brothers to be “civilized” and enjoyed that they were committed to the pursuit of the life of the mind. So in this chapter, I had fun imagining what it was that kept Carlisle in Italy for so long, and engendered goodwill toward Aro, Marcus and Caius.


And finally, we meet the intruder. I’ll be curious to hear folks’ reactions, as so far, no one has guessed correctly as to who it is.

This chapter also had an interesting little scene that I liked, but which ultimately didn’t add enough to the chapter to warrant staying in, given that the chapter came in several hundred words over where I wanted it. You’ll find that in the next post.

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  • Glynis Wood says:

    Hi Giselle,

    Just loved this chapter… as always, I was enthralled with your writing and the visions that you create.

    I assume that Garret is the same as the one who stands with the Cullens in Breaking Dawn?

    Just wonderful the way you have worked this character into the storyline.

    I cannot wait for the next chapter and at the conclusion of this novel to re-read it in its entirety again… and probably again, many times as I hae with Ithaca is Gorges and Da Capo.

    You have a wonderful insight into the character of Carlisle.

    I am hopeful that you would write a combination of Carlisle and Edward’s POV of the entire Twilight series. I love Stephanie Meyer’s books and think that she have evolved wonderful characters that captivate one’s imagination but as an adult reader, I would love to get a more nuanced and indepth perspective, which I believe your writing provides.

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