Stregoni Benefici Ch. 3

July 31st, 2010 § 5 comments

Happy with what I’m working on right now, and thought I’d share a little. 🙂


The rain kept the humans from the piazza, save those few whose business was dire or whose lives so depended on whatever meager trade they could manage even on a day like this. Heidi had been sent further today, to the shrine to St. Marcus. Pilgrims were the easiest—many of them didn’t make it back even if they didn’t encounter a beast like Heidi. No one suspected any wrongdoing other than the completely mortal kind, and that kept the secret well. Of course, they could break their own laws here, if they chose—they could turn the whole town into a safe haven for their kind and no one stood above them to stop them—but there was a certain humility in keeping the secret anyway.

Of course, the young one had pressed those boundaries a bit.

When he looked past the droplets, Aro could make out in the square the tailored black coat, the high collar against the porcelain neck, the shock of golden hair. It wasn’t that vampires couldn’t tolerate the rain, but Aro had always found it made him uncomfortable. The slickness made him feel uneasy in his own skin, and now that luxuries like indoor fireplaces and glass windows were a part of his everyday world, he tended to prefer the comfort they offered.

Carlisle seemed to feel exactly the opposite, which given everything else unusual about him, should never have surprised Aro. He confessed, however, that he had expected the younger vampire to grow tired of things like the rain. After a few years Aro had suspected he would break, join them fully, share in the spoils of their hunts. Or Heidi’s hunts, rather.

But it hadn’t happened. It had been nearly forty years, now, over a third of the younger one’s immortal life, and still he clung to his convictions, never partaking in their group feasts, nor hunting their prey on his own. And on days when the sun didn’t shine, he walked out among the humans. He even bought food in the market at times, especially imported spices, which he would leave lying about so that his quarters reeked of the mingled scents and his tabletops resembled those of an apothecary.

His behavior amused Aro as much as it puzzled him.


§ 5 Responses to Stregoni Benefici Ch. 3"

  • Jill says:

    I usually don’t like pre-Esme Carlisle, but this story is fascinating. I want more! Trust you to make any aspect of the Twilight saga interesting.

    • Tina says:

      I get more and more excited for this story with every peek. I really love the contrast between Carlisle and Aro. I also enjoy watching Carlisle through Aro’s eyes – the wonder and puzzlement. Let’s write soon – so you can finish faster. 😉

  • Kayla Griffith says:

    Love seeing this from Aro’s perspective! I can’t wait until you are ready to post this! S

  • jennyfly says:

    his quarters reeked of the mingled scents and his tabletops resembled those of an apothecary

    might he have begun to study healing? is volterra south enough for him to have encountered a moor with medical training from spain or sicily or morocco?

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