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I’ve been playing around lately with something I’ve wanted to do ever since I first finished Ithaca is Gorges. Because I feel this ever-compelling urge to make my fics as keepable as possible, I decided to go ahead and format the ebooks, in case people want to put my fics on their readers.

So you will now find ePub (for Sony Reader and B&N nook) and mobi (for Kindle) files for Ithaca is Gorges and Da Capo on their respective pages. Please feel free to download and share!

20 Questions About Giselle

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If you’ve ever wanted to pick my brain, Tanja, over at So You Think You Can Write, ┬áhas probably beat you to it. She and I did the author interview thing about Ithaca is Gorges, my current projects, and my thoughts on everything from the actors to Jerry Springer. She asked a lot of questions other people haven’t asked (although I laughed a lot about the actor questions–I really draw a firm line in my head between the actors and the characters they portray, which made some of those questions tricky to answer). At any rate, enjoy!

Tanja’s Interview With giselle-lx

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